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Making a Makerspace in Edmonds, Washington

COVID Response:

Unfortunately due to current Health Restrictions, we cannot provide use of the facilities at the Cogworks.

It is our hope that we will be able to provide facilities use on an individual (or small family group) basis as restrictions relax.

We expect to make rooms/workshops available on an hourly rental basis, cost depending on space, tools and training required.

The Cogworks Wants You

A Creative Community Where the Past Meets the Future

Making - Learning - Teaching - Sharing

Fabric, Leather, Wood, Paper, Plastics |&| Robotics, Micro-controllers, Electronics, HAM

3-D printing!!!

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You are here! Hooray!

We are looking for intrepid people near the Edmonds (Seattle / Everett) area who need a home for their creativity and curiosity.

The Cogworks is a Makerspace (a creative community worshop, where we share tools, workspace and knowledge) and we also have private Storage space built in--you can have a place to keep your own tools and supplies right next to the common workspaces with lots of room to work on your next project. In addition, we are structured around a core of interactive, hands-on classes on a wide range of subjects from Sewing, leatherwork and handmade books, to HAM radio, Arduino (Micro-computers) and robotics and all kinds of things in-between..

This is a pilot venture, we have the framework of our Makerspace, an excellent available space and some enthusiastic folks to get the ball rolling. What we need is you - to join our team of folks who participate, create and contribute, and of course we need the funds to keep it flying. Fortunately our costs will be rather low!

We have collaborative relationships with nearby Makerspaces, and are working on a shared membership access pass.

We are designing the Cogworks to be a community of Creative Makers with a more artistic bent, learning through formal classes and just from working alongside each other. As well as workspace, we have a nice classroom and social space. We want to build a 'clubhouse' feel to our space both for our own members and by hosting local art/technology clubs from costumers, model-makers, book-binders, to HAM Radio enthusiasts.

As a Makerspace we are organized around three main fields:

-- and the best part is all of these can blend together as we learn from each other!

How it works: If we can get enough people on-board in time we can secure our space and we are already very close!

There will be private space available - from bins, lockers and storage rooms to private Studio spaces.

We will be sustained by Memberships, which grant access to the common spaces and tools, and from storage rentals and income from Classes.

Full Disclosure: We have a time window to secure the space so We're launching this ASAP and filling in the rest as we go, your contribution will make a big difference! Studios and storage are first come, first serve... so if you want the best space don't wait!

If you are interested in participating, viewing the spaces, reserving space or just learning more,

Come to an Event - we schedule through Meetup.
or email us:

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Kirk Siqveland 206-856-9362 (text is better than voicemail - I get too much voice spam)

7831 196th St W, Edmonds

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