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Presenting A new Feature: the Group Moto

Display this with the markup (:moto:)
edit Group MotoBar
or Create a MotoBarfor your Group e.g. Main.MotoBar

PMWiki Demo Site - Group Header

This Header will appear in each page created in MyGroup Group

Using Groups(approve sites) is explained on the PMWiki site but since this skin is developed with groups in mind I have added this page to help explain the features here:

Also if you want to customize the css, background, images etc for a page or for all pages in a group, see the GroupCustomizations(approve sites) page on

To Add Header or Footer text to all pages in a Group, just edit the GroupHeader or GroupFooter page for that group.
For example: GroupHeader?action=edit or GroupFooter?action=edit

The main features of Groups in Steamport skin are

 * Headers & Footers   (if defined) appear on every page in that group.
 * GroupBars           (right-side) are custom to each each group.
 * NavBars             (navigation bars seen on small screens) are custom to each Group, e.g. MyGroup.NavBar
 * Default uses "Site" ( if no GroupBar or NavBar exists for a particular Group, by default, the Site version will display.)

Try it Out:
or to See Group Style changes

As mentioned before you, can hide the parts like:
LeftBar, SearchBar, RightBar, NavBar, Header and footer, on any page by just adding:
(:noleftbar:) (:nosearchbar:) or (:nosearch:) (:norightbar:) (:nonavbar:) (:noheader:) (:nofooter:)

Now also available:
(:noactions:) same as (:nocommandbar:) or (:nocmds:) or by Head/Foot: (:noheadcmds:) (:nofootcmds:)

The Header: (:noheader:)
or in parts:(:notitlebar:) or (:notitle:), (:noheadnavbar:), (:noheadcmds:) & (:nosearchbar:)
The Footer (:nofooter:)
or in parts:(:nofootnavbar:) (:nosearchbar:) (:nofootcmds:) (:nolastmod:)
The Left Bar: (:nologo:) (:nositebar:)
The Right Bar: (:nosplashtitle:) (:nosplashbar:) (:nogroupbar:) (:nogroupfoot:)

All pages in the MyGroup Group Have this Footer.

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